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NAME:Adhesive Spray - Ideal for T-shirt Fabrics


General Introduction 

This adhesive spray can be applied in indoor decoration, computerized embroidery (such as, children dress, underwear, nylon or other cloth that is hard to paste). It is suitable for paper sheet, leaflet, cloth paperboard, softwood, foam adhesive, glass fiber and polystyrene, etc. 

Product Photo 


1.Super strong stickness. Suitable for different cloth.
2.Creamy white glue. Few residues.
3.Convenient operation.Press the nozzle and can spray it easily, replace of brushing the glue.
4.White flue.Suitable for pasting materials tat are strict for the color of the glue, such as white paper sheet, cloth.
5.Environmental-friendly product.Contains no formaldehyde, Freon, aromatic, etc.Pass SGS test.


1.Shake can well before using. Turn spray tip so arrow points to dot on rim.
2.Hold can 6-8 inches from surface to be sprayed.
3.Paste the cloth on the surface after 15 seconds.
4.Invert the can after use. Spray down 2-3 seconds to eliminate spare glue.
5.Wash with alcohol while the nozzle is blocked.

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