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NAME:Latop Tire Sealant - Useful DIY Instant Tire Repair Tool


Brand  Latop
Item No. L1225
Content net weight(ml) 500


General Introduction 

This Latop instant tire sealant is an efficient DIY tire repair tool. It contains corrosion resistant material and won’t cause any damage to your tire & rim. Since there are explosion-proof chemicals in this product, it can help reduce the risk of blowout by more than 85%. You just need one injection as per the fixed quantity, and there will be 6 months service time. The sealing punctures can up to 6.8mm, and the cover tube won’t be sealed.


The tire sealant is non-flammable and suitable for -20to 90. It’s workable for tubeless tyre and inner tube.


Product Photo

How to Use It?


Step 1: Remove the valve core, and let the air out of the tire.

Step 2: Invert and shake the bottle evenly, and take out the button cover. Use the pipe to connect the bottle and tire valve. Then, press the bottle to infuse the aerosol tire inflator into your tire.

Step 3: Clear the residue on the sir inlet and screw on the valve core, and then charge the tire as per the pressure stipulated in the auto makers.


Attention: You can see the instruction video for this product here.

Powerful Latop Tire Sealant Spray, China auto detailing supplies wholesale from Vivian Yee on Vimeo.


1.    Invert and shake the bottle evenly prior to usage.

2.    Don’t mix it up with other tire sealant or water.

3.    Rotate the tire and make flat mouth vertical to the ground in the case of tire flat during    blowing up. If it can’t be patched owing to the big gap, other methods are appreciated.


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