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NAME:Multi-purpose Spray Paint for Plastic & Metal | Car Spray Paint | Metallic Spray Paint

I. Specifications



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II. Main Features

1. General purpose fast drying acrylic spray paint that creates a smooth, professional finish on metal, plastic or wood objects.

2. This spray paint can meet your special painting needs with several color categories. 

3. Fast dry, durable, excellent weather ability and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. More colorful aerosol and lower bad odor car spray paint;

5. Higher adhesive and well-distribute automotive spray paint.

6. Fast drying high quality paint and weatherproof car surface protection spray paint.


General Introduction

This multi-purpose paint spray is made of Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin under the advanced petroleum manufacturing techniques. It is easy to use and gives an even and fine spraying surface. The product possesses multiple strengths including weather resistant, hard, soft & durable, abrasion resistant, of strong adhesion and provides a long-lasting coloring.

This spray paint is a thermo plastic acrylic aerosol spray paint and it has the characteristic of easy performance, good atomization, high spray rate. The paint can dry fast and the film finish has excellent hardness, adhesion, gloss and flexibility, impact resistance, colorful surface and good decorative effect, wonderful protect ability.

It can be used for cleaning the greasy dirt, water stains and dust of the spraying parts thoroughly. Just fill up hollow part with the atom ash and rub down, shake the can about 2 minutes before the spraying and make sure it mixes well and press the nozzle with your forefinger and spraying the surfaces at a distance of 20 to 30cm in a constant speed. It can be widely-used as Appliance Paint, Metallic Spray Paint, Boat Paint, Building Coating, Car Spray Paint, Electrical Insulating Varnish, Furniture Paint, Paper Coating, Spray Paint for Plastic, Road Marking Paint, Rubber Coating, etc.

Product Photo

spray paint for plastic, spray paint for metal

We have a wide range of spray paints for your choice, including normal colors spray paint, silver chrome spray paint, fluorescent spray paint, bright gold spray paint, heat resistant spray paint, red insulation spray paint, primer spray paint, metallic spray paint, zinc-rich galvanizing spray, line marker spray paint,  ink spray for animal, porcelain and ceramics Paint,  glass spray paint , etc. Please feel free to tell us your requirements!

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car spray paint metallic spray paint

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