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NAME:Gift Set for Light Sensor Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser & Air Freshener Spray




Item No.

H3201 H3202


Household, Hotel, Hospital, etc.

General Introduction

This air freshener gift set is a especially-made business equipment, aimed to save your total cost through combining the two best-selling products: Light sensor automatic air freshener dispenser and air freshener spray 250ml in refill can.


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More Details for the Set 

I. Automatic air freshener dispenser

1. Spray time: 5/10/15/20/25Min

2. Setting: Day/Night/24 hrs 

    Day:Spray every 5-30 minutes when there is light. Off work when no light. 

    Night:Spray every 5-30 minutes when no light. Off work when there is light.

    24hrs: Spray every 5-30 minutes. 

3. Power: 2pcs AA type battery

4. Size: 26cm * 8cm 

5. Kinds of fragrances: rose, apple, jasmine, lavender, anti-tobacco, lemon, strawberry, etc.  

Air freshener dispenser

More about the dispenser


II. Refillable air freshener 250ml

1. Air Neutralizer destroys rather than mask undersirable odors, leaving a fresh-clean scent.

2. The air freshener purifies the polluted air naturally, just means air purifier.

3. Available fragrances: LILAC, CITRUS, OCEAN, Antitobacco, Citrus Brust, Lilac bloom, Lily of the valley, Mountain breeze,   Ocean Breeze, Odor neutralizer, Rose Garden, Spring Flower, After Rain, Odor neutralizer, After rain, Caribean sea, Citrus, Forest Breeze, Lily, Orange, Violet, Forest Berries, Apple, Magnolia, Cirtus, Lavender, Pine, Berries, Rose, Lemon, Orange,  Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Chocolate,  Peach, Grape, Tutti fruit,Jasmine

4. Good freshener for families, hotels, restaurants, automobiles, ships and so on.

5. Spray about 3000 times per can. 

Air freshener spray

How to Use? 

Press the button on the top of the dispenser; Put in two batteries. The red light shows it’s in working status.

Place the refill air freshener spray with your preferable fragrance. You can then start up the dispenser. 

Interested in this air freshener spray and air freshener dispenser gift set? 

Please feel free to contact us for any problem!

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