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CPL relaunches Aromaguard with new applications
Date:2017-8-5 From:YAC
New advances made by CPL Aromas’ R&D department around combating unpleasant smells has prompted the company to relaunch its Malodour Counteractant technology, Aromaguard.

New research has uncovered new applications for the product, a bespoke malodour counteractant technology which is tailored to match a specific unpleasant smell. The technology works by changing the brain’s perception of what the nose is smelling, making bad odours seem pleasant by neutralising the active malodour molecules and replacing them with the desired fragrance.

Aromaguard can be used in a variety of applications in personal care products, and CPL claims a 70% reduction in malodour perception.

For the relaunch, the company put together case studies to demonstrate how Aromaguard counteracts malodours produced by depilatory creams and hair care products with ’remarkable’ results.

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