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New AromaGuard fragrance from CPL Aromas seminar in Yac Chemicals
Date:2017-7-28 From:YAC
On the afternoon of July 25, 2017, The CPL Aromas that one of the world’s top ten fragrance companies, held a 2017 annual odor elimination and decomposition odor seminar in Shenzhen Yac Chemical Co., Ltd.

On the seminar, we had a discussion of the daily chemical products deodorant technology. The representative of CPL introudece a new fragrance named AromaGuard, this fragrance is CPL Aromas specifically to solve the odor problem of the odor blanking technology, can be used to solve the specific odor. The CEO of Yac Baggio Yang and company staff participated in the testing of Aromaguard scene in smoke taste deodorization, except shoes odor.

If the cooperation is achieved, The Aromaguard fragrance can be used in a variety of deodorant products such as home care, personal care, automotive care. The deodorant effect can reach more than 70%, greatly beyond the general fragrance. It will be an innovative technology worth to promote.

On August 24th, The CPL Aromas will come to our Qingyuan factory to test the AromaGuard dry shampoo performance.

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