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7 Steps for Perfect Salon Quality Manicure at Home
Date:2016-5-19 From:YAC
Every woman wants to be beautiful, Keeping nails also look beautiful is one of the section in makeup. But it is not possible to go salon always due to limited time or money.
We are doing many works with our hands in everyday, it is important to make our hands clean, wash your hands frequently with cool water. It is essential to make our hand beautiful with manicure. Do t least twice in a week, here are the simple steps to how it can do at home.

Step 1: Start with clean hands
Before starting, make sure that your hands and nails are clean to do this you can clean your nails with non- acetone remover (acetone can be very harsh and shred!). After cleaning use file or clipper to gently shape and lengthen your nails. Then smooth the surface of your nails with the help of buffing block it is for removing ugly yellow stains get from wearing dark nail polish).

Step 2: Soak and scrub
Soak your hands for 3-4 minutes, now it is the right time to scrub, you can prepare homemade scrub with one tbsp of sugar & one tbsp of baby oil gel and gently scrub the dead skin & dry cells away. Wash out with water and dry it for a while.

Step 3: Care for your cuticles
Soften your cuticles using a pinch of oil and rub gently for nice and soft cuticles. Push them back with orangewood stick to get required nice shape. Now it is the time to moisturize grab a vitamin-rich moisturizer and apply gently.

Step 4: Give a base coat it’s very important
Apply a base coat to your smooth nails to create an even surface of your nail color.

Step 5: Polish away
Apply your color for two thin layers and dry each layer completely. Swipe your polish down from center of your finger first and coat edges also, apply very thin layers to dry faster and look smooth.

Step 6: For shiny surface
Finally apply a finishing coat it can add more shine also smooth away any flaws and flubs. Just one coat is enough to look shine.

Step 7: Relax for a while
Now just relax until dry your nail coat. Don’t do any work or touch anything. If you really have any work in urge you can use drying products for fast drying.

If you still think it’s too complex for you, try nail color spray!
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