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Car Painting Lovers: Any Ideas on Painting the Google Self-Driving Car?
Date:2015-7-7 From:YAC

According to Google, the company invites the public to design the car painting on its self-driving car from July 11 to August 30, 2015. The paint design should be should be properly crafted so they can be displayed in mirror on both car side doors. They will choose will ten winning designs, which it will then feature on its driverless cars’ side doors,and on its website. The cars will be driven around Mountain View to showcase the artwork.

Using a mixture of 3D laser-mapping, GPS,and radar to analyze and interpret their surroundings, Google wants to show us that the car is safe enough, though it has a maximum speed of 25 mph. Google started testing self-driving cars in 2009 and the company announced in May that it would deploy its own custom-designed self-driving cars on Mountain View streets by the summer. It’s all part of Google’s ambitious strategy to get self-driving cars ready for mass production by 2020.

Anyway, car painting lovers, how do you think the car painting on the cute car doors? Any good ideas? As a car paint manufacturer in China, here we share with you the guideline link:


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