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  • Winter is unrelenting cold, ice and snow can be rough for car care. Most car owners are primarily concerned with antifreeze, Car Care Council suggests drivers should give more attention to other car care and supplies many professional car care tips to help car perform the best in winter.
  • A research shows that there is a new and better solution other than an insect killer that would be more than welcome to keep mosquito-borne disease under control. This new solution called blue light (wavelength = 467 nm; lights of different wavelengths have different colors in the spectrum) that was nearly 100% lethal to fruit fly pupae, according to a Japanese journal Scientific Report.
  • According to a research forecasting that, the markets of global automotive coolant & lubricant are predicted to grow at a promising rate of 6.73% and 8.10%, expected to reach 346.62 million gallon and 408.48 million gallon by 2019. The market sizes are still rising at a repaid speed on a world wide scale.
  • A latest report from global industry analysts suggest that the global personal care products market is expected to reach 333 billion by 2015, keeping a repaid growth due to increasing product innovations, fast growing incomes and strong purchasing ability.
  • Time flies and it’s 2015 now! Air freshener industries will await an increasing development and air freshener market will see a robust growth that it is expected to reach the value of USD 8.2 billion by 2015, accordingly to a market report about global air freshener.
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