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  • Deodorant now is widely used and becomes increasingly important in daily life. From Persistence Market Research, a new report is released on "Deodorants and Antiperspirants Market: Global Industry analysis and Forecast in the coming 15 years".
  • Illinois man --24-year-old Cory Patterson, was put to prison by spraying oven cleaner on a 1-year-old child and severely burning him. At Wednesday, he was sentenced to spend an 11 years of his life in prison, according to the Decatur Herald & Review.
  • Report from the Sky News online that not long ago this month, 35 years old man--Charles Agosto in the US who managed to evade police in a high-speed car chase was later tracked down when his "strong cologne" gave away his hiding place. His strong deodorant has betrayed him to the police.
  • According to prosecutors, a 22-year-old man is facing a felony theft charge after investigators matched his fingerprint to a print a police officer found on a spray paint can inside a stolen painted car.
  • The report was mainly about hair care in Hong Kong accountedfor a slightly slower current value growth in 2013 as compared to 2012, due tothe already high penetration of basic hair care products such as shampoo.
  • The non-profit Car Care Council (CCC) - source of information for the "Be Car Care Aware", said it’s a good time for automotive businesses to update their websites to help customers learn the safety and economic benefits of regular car care.
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